the products made in UAE
How it works
UAE TAG offers back to back protection for UAE manufactured items,
based on a two-level authentication:
The uniqueness of the stained glass shard.
Based on the blockchain ledger and data records.
UAE TAG aim is to promote national manufacturing, help to strengthen their position on the UAE market and help to achieve diversification of the national economy.
Our goal is to support the UAE's digital transformation strategy which helps industrial development to boost UAE's GDP. Moreover, we want to support the acceleration of the knowledge based economy which is the strategic aim of Abu Dhabi.
Find the
UAE TAG code
Scan the code and wait for several seconds
Compare the unique image in your phone and at the product
Verification is complete
There is no other solution that provides 100% guarantee and protection for your product like UAE TAG.
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Easily verify the authenticity of any item with a simple scan of a smartphone. Download the App and try to scan this QR code.
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